A collection of chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, combining the finest nuts and dried fruits with our house milk and dark chocolates.

Various Weights

sun-dried okanagan cherry pebbles
Sun-Dried Okanagan Cherry Pebbles $12.00
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caramelized fraser valley hazelnut praline pebbles
Fraser Valley Hazelnut Praline Pebbles $12.00
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caramelized marcona almond pebbles
Marcona Almond Pebbles $12.00
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caramelized organic pistachio pebbles
Organic Pistachio Pebbles $12.00
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Signature Pebble Cracker
Signature Pebble Cracker $45.00
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Candied Orange Peel
Candied Orange Peel $12.00
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Spiced Praline Pecans
Spiced Praline Pecans $12.00
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